How I Achieve My Best Curls

When I’m going out or have some spare time before meeting up with friends I like to have perfect curls. For me the system to getting the ideal look takes time, which is why sometimes my curls will be a mess and I will just put it in a ponytail. But if you have a spare 45 minutes to an hour then this is a great idea for achieving the perfect curls.

I start by washing my hair with shampoo, to get rid of the clump that my hair has molded into and wash away the dirt. I use Kérastase Nutrative Shampoo. I just find it really soft on my hair but sometimes I like to use shampoo for curly hair but I ran out so I’ve been sticking with the shampoo from Kérastase.

After I’ve washed my hair I brush through it while it’s still wet as it won’t fatten the curls or go frizzy while the hair is still wet. It will get rid of the knots and just make your hair feel a lot nicer. Once your hair is brushed through leave it to dry naturally. This is the most time consuming part, but allowing it to dry naturally will create nicer curls and prevent the hair from going frizzy. You can dry it slightly with a towel but only at the beginning of the drying process, but don’t use any heat.

Once my hair is dry, I tip my head upside down, run my fingers through the curls and give my head a bit of a shake. This give my hair a more full and natural look. After I’ve shaken my head around a bit, I tilt my head again and apply some moose to the curls. I don’t use very much other wise it will dampen my hair and make the curls look wet. The moose just helps give some volume to my hair and make the curls last longer. You can also use curl spray of curl cream if you prefer.

Finally, I adjust the curls to how I’d like the them. I usually do a parting with a pin-tail comb, to the right of my head. i don’t have to much hair over on the left side, because otherwise all the hair will just cover my face. I then add an accessory to the look but this is optional. I normally add a bow, flower or simply a headband to accessorize the curls.

I hope you found this post useful and will try out some of my tricks to achieving the perfect curls.

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